What information do I need to give to my website designer?

That depends on who is responsible for what. Is the website designer providing everything? Are you subcontracting out parts such as your copywriting and photography? Or are you doing everything yourself?

Get your website preparation together checklist

If you are considering a website, you need to get everything together. Even if the website designer is doing everything or you have subcontractors, you still need to give them some information or guidance. This is a preparation checklist of things you may need to give to a website designer, or you need to know who is responsible for this stuff. If you already have a designer, ask them what they want and in what format.

⇒Legal business name, phone number and address
⇒Domain name
⇒Strategy – your goals and target audience
⇒Legal documents and concerns such as a privacy policy, returns policy, GDPR, accessibility testing, local law compliance
⇒Do you need integration with social media, reviews sites, email marketing, analytics, backups, or security
⇒Paid licences for various integration, themes, builders and other functionality
⇒Written content such as headlines, short paragraph sections, bios, products, services and shipping costs,
⇒Other written content such as headers, footers, menu design, buttons and CTAs
⇒Any visuals and media content such as photo and video
⇒Choices of colours, logo, branding, layouts, sections,
⇒Launching, marketing and ongoing support
⇒Ongoing Maintenance and care of the website


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