What is website strategy and why is it important?


Whether you are just starting your website journey or have had your website for a long time, you need a website strategy.

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This post will cover:

  • What a website strategy is
  • The difference between a business strategy and a website strategy
  • Why a website strategy is important
  • The different types of website strategy
  • Why website strategies fail
  • When to get a website strategist to help


What is A website strategy?

A website strategy, like a business strategy, can be summarised simply as a road map for your website. The best strategies and plans are the ones that will be used and followed, so keep it simple and high level.


Business strategy vs website  strategy

A business strategy forms the direction of the business as a whole and is needed as a front runner to a website strategy. A website strategy concentrates on how the website can be used to realise the business goals.


Why is website strategy important?

Every company needs some kind of roadmap and directions to follow. A website strategy can ensure that everyone who has any responsibility for the website are on the same page and are moving in the same direction and working towards the same goals.

What types of website strategies are there?

There are three types of business strategy, cost, differentiation and niche. A website strategy takes the business strategy and looks at how it will make that happen as the customer facing aspect of the business. Different parts of the business such as marketing and branding need to come together to lay out who is visiting the site and why.


How to plan and write a website strategy

First you need to be clear on your business strategy – who you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there.

Then look at the marketing – who are the target customers, what branding will attract them, how will they find the site.

Then plan the customer journey and how you will funnel your customers through that e.g. they will come from social media to the home page, they will click on the about us, then they will click on the contact us.

Be clear on the call to actions (CTAs), know exactly what one action you want your customer to take on each page and dont confuse them.


Why website strategies fail

Common reasons that business strategies fail are:

The company doesnt pick one clear call to action on each page.

The business strategy is not simple or clear enough for everyone to follow.

Lack of communication and alignment with the business and marketing strategies.


When to get a website strategist to help?

As an ex-business adviser, I would always suggest using professionals before you start to ensure everything starts in the right way. Most website designers will do a discovery call or questionnaire to find out what your strategy is, so you need to be clear on it. They would usually do a strategy or growth session for an extra cost if asked, but beware of the quality as they may be good at designing, but may not have the advisory skills or skills in marketing to give good advice.


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